When a new website is launched or redesigned, don’t expect a huge spike in visits the day after it goes live. You’ll have to spend some time to promote.

In the Internet era, there are more opportunities than ever to tell the world about your new or revamped site, as well as any new products or service your business offers. Of course, some traditional communications can still do the trick, but aren’t always as obvious.

Here are my top 5 suggestions on how to get your site the online traffic it deserves:

1. Print Advertisements & Hand Distribution – Business card, flyer, sticker, brochure, menus, door knockers, tri-folds, banners
2. Blog – Post Original content at least once a week (hopefully more).
3. Social Media – Join every single site, post, grow your followers, promote your website on social media.
4. Video Marketing – Create a video with product demos or tips and how-tos.
5. Email Marketing – Email marketing helps to build and nurture relationships. Announce your new website through your contact database!

The ways you can promote your new website are endless. Be creative, have fun, and keep trying new opportunities. Be sure to follow your site statistics and keep track of what is working!